Quality Makers Advertising offers a unique opportunity to promote your company or products through advertising on display screens located in cooperative societies and shopping centers across the UAE.

The screen advertisements in cooperative societies are a powerful advertising medium, broadcasting television ads at more than 110 different locations within the UAE, operating between 18 to 24 hours daily.

These screens feature 525 strategically placed LCD/Plasma screens, complemented by more than 2653 speakers, ensuring that your advertising message is delivered clearly and effectively. Take advantage of the power of visual and audio advertisements to attract attention and increase awareness of your company and products in the competitive UAE market.

Broadcasting on screens in cooperative societies and commercial centers is among the most effective advertising methods, frequented by a large number of consumers repeatedly, with over 6,092,680 visitors monthly. The broadcasts in cooperative societies occur both visually and audibly, frequently reaching a minimum repetition of 945,000 times per month across all cooperative societies in various UAE regions, ensuring extensive customer reach. Moreover, advertising display screens are positioned in the busiest consumer areas such as the special offers area, the food and consumables corner, the clothing corner, the meat and fish area, and near the cashier stations, which are effective in capturing consumer attention while they wait at the cashier.

By leveraging the cooperative society advertising service from Quality Makers Advertising, you will be able to reach a broader audience and enhance your brand’s presence in the local market. We analyze your advertising needs and develop effective strategies that align with your goals and budget.

Our team consists of professionals and creative experts who work together to develop inspiring and engaging advertising content that enhances audience interaction with your brand. The advertisements will be designed to be eye-catching and visually appealing to ensure maximum benefit from your presence on the screens of cooperative societies and commercial centers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from the advanced service of advertising in cooperative societies to boost your company’s growth and expand your customer base. Contact Quality Makers today to learn more about how to start achieving success through screen advertising in cooperative societies and commercial centers in the UAE.